drive a better world
Climate change has now impact on people and environment around the world. The main cause comes from the burning of fossil fuels, which then release carbon dioxide. Of these total carbon dioxide emissions, road transport accounts for 75% and this share has increased every day. (Conserve Energy Future, N/A) This becomes the major concern in many countries to impose policies and encourage sustainable transportation in order to limit the carbon dioxide emission. The electric vehicle (EV) finally seems to be the sustainable solution that offers environmental benefits and becomes a key component for boosting clean energy.
 ETRAN Thailand Co., Ltd is a Thailand start-up company designing the innovative transportation solution for 100% EV, from electric vehicle development to charging station network solution.
In Bangkok, we can see the most uniqueness service in the world “Motorbike Taxi” all around every corner in the city. They provide the micro-interchanging transportation for ex: door to door commuting and main metro system(BTS,MRT) to office and we loved it because it’s convenience.  ETRAN PROM will offer the renting model to the rider (Currently,Bangkok have around 300,000 rider in the town) including charging facility and connectivity to the network. Etran have a strong commitment to everyone that we will do the best to help the city become more greener,we will make the customer to get the good quality services with a good products.
ETRAN BATTERY STATION Giving the new shape of the world is our goal,by developing the model that reasonable- affordable that make mass market start to try and learn. It will be the human pride project. 1 STATION 30 ETRAN
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